God does not want just a part of you! He wants ALL of you! He does not want 50% commitment, 75% commitment, or even 99% commitment – He wants 100% commitment! In this series we are going to look at three CRUCIAL areas in our lives that God wants 100% commitment – Our TIME, Our TALENTS, & Our TREASURE. So, Get Plugged In!

Using Your Tresure Faithfully
July 22, 2012, Pastor Scott

In this message, Pastor Scott challenges you today to step up to the plate and truly experience the joy of serving the Lord with your TREASURE, the financial resources that He has given you! He also addresses the concept of tithing and how that applies to the New Testament.

Using Your Talents Effectively
July 8, 2012, Pastor Scott

The focus of this message is on SPIRITUAL GIFTS NOT the natural talents that you may have although those are from God as well. In this message, Pastor Scott discuses the SUPERNATURAL TALENTS that God has given every believer. These gifts enable you to serve Him! Are you using them?

Using Your Time Wisely
July 1, 2012, Pastor Scott

Our use of TIME reveals where we are in our walk with God! In this message, Pastor Scott discusses how to use your TIME in the most effective way to have the biggest IMPACT for the kingdom of God!