A Call to...

This sermon series looks at various characterisitics of the early church from Acts 2 and applies them to the church today.

A Call to Witness
September 7, 2014, Pastor Scott

The early church continually devoted themselves to prayer and to community. Both of these lead them to be effective witness for Jesus! This sermon discusses what a continual devotion for being a witness for Jesus looks like!

A Call to Community
August 31, 2014, Pastor Scott

If we are going to be a church God can use to impact this world for Him, we have to be a church that lives out authentic Biblical community! Watch to find out how to do thi!

A Call to Prayer
July 13, 2014, Pastor Scott

This sermon is a look at the prayers of the early church and a few lessons we could learn about prayer from them. Do you want an effective prayer life that makes an impact for the Kingdom of God? If so, please watch!