Book of Mark

In this verse by verse exposition we will hear the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as recounted by Mark a disciple who learned theology from the Apostle Paul and heard the eyewitness accounts of the Apostle Peter. Mark shows us that the good news is not just a message but the person Jesus himself. He will fulfill the long awaited promises that God will come among his people and bring them salvation and peace. But Mark shows that Jesus accomplishes this as a suffering servant and encourages disciples to endure suffering and offer service in imitation of Jesus our God and King.

Jesus Walks on Water
July 24, 2016, Andy Desrochers

In this sermon we once again see Jesus' authority on full display. We look at how slow we can be to learn and fully trust in the LORD.

Jesus Has Compassion for People & Phenomenal Comsic Power
July 17, 2016, Pastor Jonathan Susee

After his disciples returned from their first gospel mission trips without Jesus at their side he took them to a desolate place for rest and follow-up teaching. But the crowds followed them and Jesus looked on them with compassion. Without the rest they needed he taught the crowds. Then he taught his disciples by miraculously turning five loaves of bread and two fish into enough food to feed over 5000 people. Jesus shows that he is a greater figure than Moses, not only leading the people in the wilderness but also providing bread as God did for the Israelites. He fulfills God’s Old Testament promises especially in Ezekiel 34 to be a shepherd for his people because Jesus is God who has come to shepherd his people personally.

Saving Face or Saving Faith?
July 10, 2016, Pastor Jonathan Susee

After Jesus sends out the disciples, Mark gives us a flashback. John the Baptist, the transitional prophet between the old and new covenants, who prepared the way for Jesus, is dead. He died because he stood for truth and called from repentance from even the ruler of the land and his illegitimate wife, Herod and Herodias. Sandwiched in the middle of the disciples’ journey this shows the relationship of discipleship and death, mission and martyrdom. The truth is not that a disciple may one day be called to give his life for the Lord Jesus. The truth is that a disciple must give his life to the Lord Jesus from the first day. The birth certificate of our new life in Christ is written on the back of the death certificate of our old life lived apart from him.

Jesus Advances the Kingdom Even with Apprentice Ambassadors
July 3, 2016, Pastor Jonathan Susee

After his rejection in his own hometown, Jesus sends his disciples out to bring the message and the power of God’s kingdom to other towns and villages. He sends his disciples out in urgency with nothing but the clothes on their back, a belt around their waist, sandals on their feet and a staff in hand. They go as missionaries with a message, priests bringing the peace of God to those who will hear and receive it. Their message is Jesus’ message, repent! Turn away from self and turn to Jesus and find peace with God. Our message must be Jesus’ message of repentance, our response must be the response of repentance, and our relationships with others must keep that message clear. Have we repented? Do we continue to model repentance? Are we calling others to do the same and making it clear that nothing else brings them close to God?

Where, What, How and Who The Tragedy of Familiarity Which Produces Doubt Instead of Faith 
June 26, 2016, Pastor Jonathan Susee

Jesus was rejected in his hometown by his own neighbors, relatives, and family. This is an example of how “familiarity breeds contempt.” They asked where he got the authority and power, what this wisdom was, how he did the miracles, because they missed who he really was. He did few miracles because of their lack of faith. In order to rightly answer the where, what and how questions we must sincerely ask “Who is this?” More importantly, to be forgiven of our sin, healed of our brokenness we have to answer that question rightly. And even if we know the answer we must ask, are we sometimes like Jesus friends and family, so familiar that we act out of doubt instead of faith?

Jesus - Compassionate to the Unclean; Deliverer of the Desperate
June 19, 2016, Pastor Jonathan Susee

Jesus heals a woman with a hemorrhage and a brings an adolescent girl back from the dead. As women they were of little account to their society, and according to Old Testament law both of these women were unclean because of the physical status. They were desperately in need of deliverance. And Jesus touched the unclean that no one else would touch. Jesus spoke with compassion to those that society cast out and abandoned. Jesus will be compassionate to you. And being like Jesus calls us to exercise compassion in the same way.

Jesus' Authority Over the Spiritual Forces
June 12, 2016, Andy Desrochers

In this sermon we see Jesus showing his authority over demons. We look at why he made the special trip to the other side of the lake. Also that in the presence of a Holy God our sinfulness is exposed and that creates fear in us.

The Kingdom Will Grow to Greatness By God's Grace, to God's Glory
May 29, 2016, Pastor Jonathan Susee

The kingdom of God and its king, Jesus, are unlike any earthly kingdom or king. It may seem like the kingdom is small and its king is weak. But the kingdom lives because of the king’s own death, and the kingdoms strength works through the weakness of those brought into it. Though we may not understand how, it will grow just like a seed planted in the ground. And though it may look small, like a mustard seed, it will grow to shelter people from the nations, just as the mustard seed becomes a towering bush that provides homes for the birds. Don’t be discouraged, keep faithfully and obediently living for the kingdom will grow to greatness by God’s grace to God’s glory.

The Gospel of Jesus is Mean't to Shine and Be Measured Out
May 22, 2016, Pastor Jonathan Susee

Just as a lamp is meant to be used and exhibited to drive back darkness, the good news of the kingdom of God is meant to shine. Whatever measure of gospel light that God has graciously given us, we are meant to measure that out with the promise that we will never run out or lack. Every measure of grace shared will be added back to us. Hiding the light misuses it, and risks losing it.

The Parable of the Soils
May 15, 2016, Pastor Jonathan Susee

God’s word is like a seed sown in the soil of our heart and minds. Some are so hardened there is no response at all to the word. Some are so shallow that a small amount of suffering kills any initial response to the word. Some are so thorny that the cares of the world choke and starve off any fruitful response to the word. But Jesus promises that some are neither hard, shallow, nor thorny but good and the word produces a fruitful harvest. Is the word of God fruitful in your life? Look to God in faith, his word will produce fruit, and his kingdom will grow.

Liar? Lunatic? or Lord?
May 1, 2016, Pastor Jonathan Susee

Jesus’ own family tried to restrain his ministry fearing for his sanity. The religious leaders rejected his ministry as the work of the Satan itself.  As C.S. Lewis famously put it, the gospel stories are not legends, and if he’s not a lunatic or a liar, the claims he made mean we can’t just call him a good man. There is only one other option – Jesus must be Lord. And as Lord he has overpowered the forces of evil and offered us forgiveness and freedom from sin.

The Grand Daddy of all School Yard Picks!
April 24, 2016, Andy Desrochers

In this sermon in our series on Mark we cover 5 good take aways that we can learn from Jesus picking the 12 apostles.

Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath Pt. 2
April 10, 2016, Pastor Jonathan Susee

The fifth and final of this set of controversies occurs on the same day and on the same subject as the previous. The religious once more hope to catch Jesus breaking the Sabbath. If he did, he would be a sinner and could not be our savior. But he once more shows how the Pharisees misunderstood God’s law and made a law of their own. The Sabbath was a day to love and obey God and choose good and life. By going their own way the Pharisees had chosen they path of harm and death. Our rest in Jesus means that we are no longer enslaved to trying to do good works to be saved; we are freed to do good works because we are saved. Your rest in Jesus is not just about personal salvation, it is about being restored to the purpose that God created you for!

Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath
April 3, 2016, Pastor Jonathan Susee

In the fourth of these five controversies, the religious leaders try to find fault with Jesus, even accusing him and his disciples of breaking God’s Sabbath law. Jesus challenges them back by asking if they really understand the word of God that they claim the right to interpret for the people. He claims to be the Lord of Sabbath, and as God made the Sabbath, this means he claims to be God. Jesus teaches that the Sabbath was a gift of God to man, not to be a burden. It was a day for Israel to rest and reflect on God as Creator and Redeemer. In fact, Jesus is our Sabbath rest, the one who redeems us from sin, the one who makes us a new creation. Rest in Jesus and delight yourself in him!

Hungry for God?
March 20, 2016, Pastor Jonathan Susee

For a third time, Jesus’ authority and leadership are challenged. The onlookers take not that his disciples do not fast like the Pharisees and the disciples of John the Baptist. Jesus responds that his presence, like the presence of a bridegroom at the wedding, makes this a time for feasting not fasting. Yet the time will come in his absence when it will be a time for fasting. Are you living a life celebration because Jesus has given us a relationship with God? Yet, are you also hungry for God and willing to practice the spiritual discipline of fasting that Jesus expected his disciples to use as a way of demonstrating their longing for God?

The Scarlet Letter G
March 13, 2016, Pastor Jonathan Susee

Jesus is challenged again by the religious leaders of his day. They attempt to shame his disciples and bring his leadership into doubt by questioning why Jesus would eat with tax collectors and sinners. Jesus replies that just as a doctor is concerned with the sick, he is concerned with sinners. Thankfully, Jesus isn’t ashamed of sinners like you and I. You could say that he would willing wear scarlet G standing for Grace to sinners. Will you come to him you can find grace and forgiveness for your sin? If you have experienced his grace will you like him spend time with sinners to offer his grace to them?

Authority to Forgive Sins
March 6, 2016, Pastor Jonathan Susee

Mark has demonstrated Jesus authority and now we see five episodes where Jesus authority is challenged by the religious leaders of his day. Each serves to further establish and demonstrate his authority. In this first challenge, four friends come carrying a fifth who is lame, hoping in faith that Jesus will meet his greatest need. Jesus does just that by forgiving him of his sin. And to answer the challenge of his opponents who challenge his authority to forgive sin he also immediately heals the lame man’s legs. Will you recognize your great need for forgiveness and come to Jesus? Like the four friends will your faith overcome obstacles to bring others to Jesus?

Reach out and Touch Someone
Febuary 28, 2016, Andy Desrochers

In this sermon we take a close look at Jesus healing and touching a leper. We also look at how we should touch others as Jesus does.

All in a Day's Work, Pt. 2
Febuary 21, 2016, Pastor Jonathan Susee

In the second part we see more of the same 24 hour period of Jesus ministry begun in the previous sermon. Here, Mark continues to show us the authority and power of King Jesus. His dominion is shown over disease, as the creator he has power over soul and body. As King he has a mission and he alone has dominion over our domestic life and the direction that he and his disciples will go. How will you respond to his authority, will your home be a place of kingdom of kingdom influence, will you follow where he leads?

The Kingdom is Near
Febuary 7, 2016, Pastor Jonathan Susee

Jesus begins his public ministry with an emphasis on proclaiming the good news of God. That good news is that a new era has begun, the kingdom of God has come near to man and the way into the kingdom has been opened. The kingdom has come near in Jesus himself who is the king and entrance into the kingdom comes from submission to his lordship. We are called to repent and believe, turning over the throne of our life to the rightful king. Will you bow the knee to King Jesus? 

Good News from the Wilderness, Pt. 2
January 31, 2016, Pastor Jonathan Susee

Jesus arrives on the scene, and submits himself to the very baptism of repentance that John was preaching. In doing so he identifies himself with mankind, standing with us, taking his place among us. But the Spirit of God and the voice of God identify him as so much more than a common man. He is the beloved Son of God, fully pleasing in all ways to the Father. Under the sovereign leadership of the Holy Spirit he suffers alone and faces the temptations of Satan in the wilderness. We look to him as one who understands our suffering and temptations and yet emerged victorious and offers us his victory over sin and freedom from the power of Satan. Will you trust him for victory over sin in your life?