How To Pray

This five part series looks at how Jesus taught us to pray in what is commonly referred to as "The Lord's Prayer" in Matthew 6:9-13. In this this series we will discover some very foundational concepts about prayer that when implemented will change the way you pray!

How To Pray V!
March 23, 2014, Pastor Scott

In this passage, Jesus teaches us how prayer can be a vital tool that we use to keep us from sinning! This sermon describes how we are human, we are helpless, but we are His!

How To Pray IV!
March 16, 2014, Pastor Scott

Jesus instructs us to deal with sin! We must be constantly confessing our own sin to God to make sure it does not hinder our relationship with Him. We must also as His children extend the same grace He extends to us when others sin against us. So, as we are praying for our own sins it is a great way to make sure we have been gracious to others who have sinned against us.

How To Pray III!
March 2, 2014, Pastor Scott

We all have needs! We need to eat, we need to drink, we need to have shelter, we need clothes, we need money, etc. In this prayer, Jesus is telling us where to turn for allof our needs! The One who is our Father, the One who is Sovereign, the One who is Holy – He WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU! God is our Provider and today we are going to see that prayer is a part of the process in which He uses to provide!

How To Pray II!
February 23, 2014, Pastor Scott

Too many of us are more concerned with our agenda than God's and it shows in how we spend our time, in how we live our lives and in how we pray. God wants us to be about His agenda, to be about His business! In this sermon Jesus teaches us to pray this way!

How To Pray I!
February 16, 2014, Pastor Scott

Prayer is not about us! It is all about God! Its about us getting lined up with God and what He is doing! So, prayer is first and foremost about getting our attention off of ourselves, our problems and getting it onto God!