ƒ Love That Lasts

Love That Lasts - A look at how to have a successful marriage

This series on how to have a successful marriage is VERY BIBLICAL, because when you talk about marriage, you have got to start with the One who created marriage and His Word gives us everything we need to know to do marriage His way, which by the way, is the ONLY way! This series is also going to be VERY PRACTICAL, it will give you plenty of PRACTICAL APPLICATION for the BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES discussed!

September 8, 2013, Pastor Scott

This is the concluding sermon in the Love That Lasts series. It is a reminder of the things we have discussed followed by a time of recommitment of ourselves and our marriages to God. It includes the vow renewal part of the service. If you would like a copy of the Commitment certificate please contact Pastor Scott at pastorscott@littleriverchurch.net

September 1, 2013, Pastor Scott

Are their ROADBLOCKS that are keeping your from your destination of having a successful biblical marriage? If so, you need to identify them and seek God's help in fixing them before they wreck your marriage. God will show you the DETOURS to take!

August 25, 2013, Pastor Scott

Before we can love our spouses and children the way that we should we must first be madly, head over heels in love with Jesus! Are you? Watch to find out more!

August 18, 2013, Pastor Scott

One of the joys of marriage is being blessed by God with children whether through natural means or through adoption. As parents we are instructed to make sure we teach our children about God. Although we know that we cannot force our children to become followers of Jesus – salvation is His doing alone, we can hopefully, with His help, be a part of the He process He uses to save them by giving them a strong foundation on which to build. Are you helping give your children a strong foundation? Watch to find out more! Clarification: "rod" discussed from Proverbs 13, 22, 29 = all refer to a stick/limb, i.e., a branch from a tree. In antiquity, scepters, spears, arrows, rods, staffs/staves were all made out of wood.

ROMANCE: The Marriage Bed
August 4, 2013, Pastor Scott

This sermon takes an in-depth look at THE MARRIAGE BED. What exactly does God's Word have to say about it and how should we as married couples be practically living that out? Watch to find out! WARNING: This is a sermon for mature audiences only (18+) as it does contain adult oriented material.

ROMANCE: Bring Back That Lovin' Feelin'!
July 28, 2013, Pastor Scott

This is the first of two dealing with the subject of Romance. This messsage discusses  ways to experience REAL LOVE with your spouse - ways to keep the flame burning, and the passion ignited! This does take work, it doesn't just happen! The enemy is out here doing everything he can to pull couples apart, to distract them, to make them too busy, to tired, to stressed to invest the proper amount of time in each other to make sure that they do not ever lose that lovin’ feelin’! This message looks at things that you can do as husbands and wives to not lose that lovin’ feelin’ and if you have lost it, to bring it back!

RELATING: Can you hear me now?!
July 21, 2013, Pastor Scott

This message looks at how to  successfully CONNECT with each other through the art of COMMUNICATION! Are you and your spouse communicating in such a way that you are both being heard and understood? In this message Pastor Scottt discusses why communication is so important, what God expects from our communication and finally some very practical how to's of communication!

ROLES: How to be a Well-to-do Wife!
July 14, 2013, Pastor Scott

The problem in many modern-day marriages is that many wives feel as if something is desperately lacking in their relationship with their husband; they feel that they want or need something more, they just are not being fulfilled in their marriage – the fairy tale that they envisioned when they got married has turned into a real life nightmare and they just want out. This message looks at what God’s Word has to say about this and that if wives would apply what He says, He will fulfill their needs and they could truly be content and comfortable in their marriage!

ROLES: How to be a Happy Husband
July 7, 2013, Pastor Scott

Despite the typical modern day stereotype of the husband being miserable, beat down and downtrodden – God wants you to be HAPPY and we can only be truly HAPPY when we are truly HOLY, doing things the way God has prescribed for them to be done! Watch this sermon to find out just what God expects from those of us who are husbands!

June 30, 2013, Pastor Scott

In order to arrive at our destination ( a SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE) we have to have a ROADMAP to get there. In this sermon, Pastor Scott discusses from God's Roadmap,The Bible,  three foundational concepts that we must understand in order for us to successfully navigate down the path to a successful marriage. Those three foundational concepts are discussed by answering the following questions: 1) Who came up with the idea of marriage?; 2) What should marriage look like?; and 3) Why does it matter?

Doing Your P.A.R.T
June 23, 2013, Pastor Scott

This is the first sermon in the Love that Lasts, A look at how to have a successful marriage series. In this sermon, Pastor Scott introduces the series and issue a challenge that in order to have a successful marriage, we must all being doing our P.A.R.T! Are you doing yours? Watch to find out!