Miscellaneous Sermons

These are sermons that do not fit in any specific sermon series.

An Easter Goat is Better than an Easter Bunny
March 27, 2016, Pastor Jonathon Susee

God gifted Israel with his presence and the priesthood to bridge the gap that sin had made between him and his people. Though sacrifices were made every day of the year, on one special day, the Day of Atonement, God instructed the priests to atone for the sin of the entire people of Israel. With two goats, God showed both his justice and his mercy. One goat was sacrificed to show the terrible price of sin before a perfectly good and holy God. One goat, the scapegoat, had the sins of the people confessed over it and was then led off into wilderness never to return showing how a merciful and loving God choses to never hold the forgiven sins of his people against them. Jesus is our high priest, he is our sacrifice for sin, and he is our scape goat. Unlike the goats, his sacrifice was once and for all never needing to be repeated. Will you grab a hold of Jesus with both hands, confess your sins, and find them paid for and completely removed this Easter?

7 Signs of a Strong Church
November 1, 2015, Andy Desrochers

In this sermon we take a break from James. We cover 7 Signs of a Strong Church. We look at how we function as a church is effected by many body parts in the Church. We are the Church collectively as a group of believers.

Jonathan Susee Sermon
August 30, 2015, Jonathan Susee

Daily gospel self preaching.

The Roll of Elders and Pastors
August 23, 2015, Roger Ferrell

Sheep Without a Shepherd
July 12, 2015, Andy Desrochers

In this sermon we take a look at road blocks we face in Reaching the LOST.

Guest Speaker
June 21, 2015, Roger Ferrell

Using Our Treasure Faithfully
October 19, 2014, Pastor Scott

Don't throw your money down the drain! It's NOT yours anyway! This sermon discusses how to faithfully use your money by looking at an example from Scripture of a group of people who were unfaithfully using theirs. 

"Well Done Good and Faithful Servant!"
July 6, 2014, Pastor Scott

This short  message is from Matthew 25:14-23. This passge of Scripture deals with those who use their gifts and abilites for Jesus Christ in a way that builds His Kingdom and brings Him glory. In this message, I reflect on the ministry of my fellow elder, Norm Dalholt, as he prepares to move to North Carolina. 

The Armor of God
June 1, 2014, Andy Desrochers

In this sermon, Andy Desrochers looks at The Armor of God.

Walking on Water
February 2, 2014, Pastor Scott

One of the many things I love about the Bible is that it is composed of real stories of real people going through real life. And if you know the Bible, their lives were not always smooth sailing, they faced difficulties and hardships just like you and I. In this message I share the key to facing these difficulties. You can walk on water!

March 31, 2013, Pastor Scott

The resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of our faith and it is a direct result of the grace of God! Without God's grace we are helpless and hopeless, spiritually dead and doomed but with His grace EVERYTHING changes! Watch this sermon to see how God's grace can forever change your life! 

The Miracles of Jesus
March 17, 2013, Norm Dalholt

In this sermon,Norm Dalholt looks at the church the miracles of Jesus demonstrating His power and authority.

Lukewarm in Laodicea
March 10, 2013, Andy Desrochers

In this sermon, Andy Desrochers looks at the church in Laodicea from Revelation 3:14-22, and discusses the dangers of being lukewarm.

The Church that Glorifies God (Acts 2:42-47)
January 13, 2013, Pastor Scott

As beleivers our lives should exist to glorify God. The church is made up of these beleivers, hence the church should also exsit to glorify God! In Acts we see 10 characteristics of a church a glorifies God. In this sermon Pastor Scott examines each one. 

Glory in the Highest
December 23, 2012, Pastor Scott

Christmas is not about what Jesus did for you! It is about so much more! Watch to find out more!